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Shanghai Sobo Headquarters
Floor 1, Building 8, No. 215, Nandong Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Hotline: 021-51083595 66861077 66862055 66862075
Toll Free Hotline: 400-8800-312
Fax: 021-61374976
Company Email: sale@sonbest.com
Business QQ: 613035997 71182854
Blank area, looking for dealers...
1. Engaged in the sales of similar products in this industry for 1 year, with certain sales ability
2. Have a brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce site
3. Have a company or individual business license
4. Obey the company's distribution and agent management regulations
Interested parties can contact QQ: 71182854 or telephone: 021-51083595 or email sale @ sonbest.com