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We are looking for R&D engineers

  • Working location: Shanghai                Monthly Salary: Negotiable      Recruitment: 4
  • Release Date: 2016/3/16      Expiration Period: Long Term
  • Requirements:

    1. Majors in electronic technology, instrumentation, industrial automatic control, computer, etc.;

    2. Familiar with the R&D process, more than two years of work experience;

    3. Proficiency in using protel to design electronic circuits, and proficient in at least one single-chip programming language;

    4. Have independent software or hardware development capabilities;

    5. Strong English reading and writing skills.

    6. Successful development experience of instrumentation or sensor is preferred.

    7. Annual salary of 70,000-120,000

    Sensor and Instrument Debugger

                 Working Location: Shanghai  Salary: Negotiable     Number of Recruits: 2
    • Release Date: 2016/3/16    Validity Period: Long Term
    • Requirements:

      1.   Debugging, assembling, and quality inspection of instruments before leaving the factory;

      2.   Cooperate with technical developers and production personnel to track product quality

      3.   More than one year working experience in related industries.

      4.   monthly salary negotiable

      Product Salesperson

      Job Description: