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        Shanghai SONBEST Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional sensor, instrumentation and online monitoring system equipment company based on sensors and instrumentation products, integrating scientific research and development, management, technical services, and system integration. SONBEST is committed to agricultural automation and Intelligent industrial control and other fields. SONBEST is not only a product designer, but also a system integrator. It is good at comprehensively applying complex technologies, researching and developing complete sets of equipment and systems that meet the needs of different users, providing comprehensive, timely and accurate integrated services. Users all over the country, products are exported to Japan, the United States and other countries, involving metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, automobile, urban construction and other industries. Sobo's online monitoring system has been successfully operated in many power plants, and its stability and reliability have been recognized and praised by users. The company is located in Zhongshan North Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai, close to Shanghai Railway Station, and the transportation is very convenient.
      Over the years, the company has continued to grow and develop on the basis of a group of senior talents who have been tracking the world's advanced technology for a long time and drawing on the modern management experience of famous enterprises. The company warmly welcomes colleagues and customers at home and abroad to come and negotiate business. SONBEST has a young, intelligent and passionate technical team. Providing high-quality, reliable and stable products for domestic and foreign customers is our highest pursuit.
      SONBEST will actively believe in the people-oriented culture of "integrity is the foundation of people and the source of joint success", pursue the core development concept of "cooperation with masters, hand in hand with capable people, and walk with giants", and strive to build an equal, complementary and linked cooperation platform . Based on the core concept of creating value for the society, creating value for customers, creating value for enterprises, and creating value for employees, it is based on becoming "the world's leading manufacturer of sensors, data acquisition products and online monitoring system product integration service providers".
      SONBEST's products mainly include various sensors, transmitters, measurement and control instruments, industrial modules, data acquisition, various environmental monitoring systems, special control system application software and embedded system development and application. The company adopts a marketing strategy that attaches equal importance to product sales and engineering and technical services, providing not only standardized and serialized products, but also customized products with special specifications to meet the special requirements of individual users. Products are widely used in telecommunications, electric power, petrochemical, environmental protection, papermaking, metallurgy, food, medical, HVAC and other fields.