[SM1000B]  Industrial multi-point DS18B20 temperature acquisition module

SM1000B SM1000B

Technical Parameters

Technical parameterParameter value
Temperature measuring range-30℃~85℃
Temperature measuring accuracy±0.5℃ @25℃
Support sensors64
Max Sensors of channel1
Support sensorsensor of DS18B20
Communication InterfaceRS485
Default baud rate9600 8 n 1
PowerDC9~24V 1A
Running temperature-30~85℃
Working humidity5%RH~90%RH

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SM1000B SM1000B SM1000B SM1000B

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SM1000B SM1000B SM1000B SM1000B

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SM1000B SM1000B

Communication Protocol

    The product uses RS485 MODBUS-RTU standard protocol format, all operation or reply commands are hexadecimal data. The default device address is 1 when the device leaves the factory, and the module or NON-Recorder default baud rate is 9600,8,n,1 ,but data recorder default baud rate is 115200 .
1. Read data (function code 0x03)
    The query frame (hexadecimal) is used to query the data of each measuring point or channel. For the multi-channel DS18B20 temperature module, since each channel supports a large number of points, each query frame There is also a limit on the length of reply bytes, so the device is designed to query data by channel. The device is divided into 64 channels, each channel supports a maximum of 1 measuring points, sending example: query 1 #All measuring point data on channel 1 of the device, the host computer sends the command: 01 03 01 01 00 01 D4 36 .
Address Function Code Start Address Data Length Check Code
010301 0100 01D4 36
    For the correct query frame, the device will respond with data: 01 03 02 00 79 79 A6 , response format: address, function code, length, data 1, data 2,..., data n, CRC16 calibration Verification code.
Address Function Code Length测点1Check Code
0103 0200 79 79 A6
    Because the display resolution of the module is 0.01, take the value of data 1 as an example, if the value is 121, then 121 is divided by the magnification 100, and the actual data value is 1.21 degrees. In practical applications, each data value It occupies two bytes, that is, an integer variable, and the actual value is divided by 100 on the basis of this value. When the data is BA D2, that is, when -177.10 is displayed, it indicates that no sensor is connected. When the data is B4 92 , that is, when -193.10 is displayed, it means that the number on the bus does not have the correct serial number
2. Common data address table
    In order to query the data of the standby channel, the node address can be addressed. The device queries data by There are 10 channels, and only 10 query commands are used to find out all the data of the device. The relationship between the starting address of each channel and the 4xxxx address in the configuration software is shown in the table, and its basic calculation method is: n* 256+02, where n is the channel number. For example, the register at position 1 of channel 1 is 40258.
Configuration Address Register Address Register Description Data Type Value Range
4025801 011CH 1#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
4025901 021CH 2#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
........... (1 Omission of mid-channel measurement points)......
4025901 011CH 1#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
4051402 012CH 1#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
4051502 022CH 2#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
........... (2 Omission of mid-channel measurement points)......
4051502 012CH 1#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
-------- Middle channel omitted )---- ----
41638603 0164CH 1#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
41638703 0264CH 2#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
........... (64 Omission of mid-channel measurement points)......
41638703 0164CH 1#PTemperatureRead Only0~65535
3 Modify device address and baud rate
(1) Modify device address
    The device sets the device address and baud rate through the dial switch on the left side of the product. In the application, when multiple machines are required to be networked, the device addresses in the network cannot be the same, so the user needs to change the device Address, the address range that can be changed by the device is 1-63. The address of the device can be changed by DIP switch S1. Dial the DIP switch to [ON] to indicate 1, and the 1-6 segments of the DIP switch S1 are related to the address. The relevant system is shown in the following table:
Segment 6Segment 5Segment 4Segment 3Segment 2Segment 1Address value
(2) Modify the baud rate
    The baud rate setting is realized by the first 3 segments of the DIP switch S2. The fourth segment of S2 is not enabled and can be pulled to the 0 position. As shown in the figure on the right, the DIP switch is dialed to [ON] means 1, and pulling it to the side of the number means 0, the meaning is as follows.
Segment 3 Segment 2 Segment 1 Baud Rate

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